Australia AUSTRALIA - Serial killers cold case review targeting four notorious killers

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    Serial killer monster hunt: Some of Australia’s most notorious criminals targeted in state review of cold cases

    March 11, 2015 12:00AM

    •Police checking movements of four notorious killers to find links to cold cases
    •The four are Ivan Milat, Ashley Coulston, Reginald Arthurell and Bandali Debs
    •They have killed 17 between them but police believe there could be more
    •All four in jail and only Artherall has a chance of ever getting out

    HOMICIDE detectives are cross-referencing the movements of four of Australia’s most notorious serial killers with unsolved murders and missing persons cases in the state’s most ambitious and far-reaching cold case review to date.

    Australia’s most prolific serial killer, Ivan Milat, is among the quartet convicted of killing 17 people between them but the deaths of dozens more going back nearly four decades are now being re-evaluated by police for possible links.

    Detective Chief Inspector John Lehmann from the NSW Unsolved Homicide Squad said a review team was now looking at the files of Milat and other known serial killers Ivan Ashley Coulston, Reginald Arthurell and Bandali Debs.

    Other killers known to prey on women will also be looked at as part of the cold case operation, which is believed to be first time police have reviewed known serial killers and all their potential victims at the same time.
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    I also believe Ivan Milat may be responsible for the Balaclava Rapist/Killer cases in tweed heads in the early eighties. I have read somewhere he was working in the area at the time.
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    The info is everywhere for any who want to see and actually look.

    There are numerous connections and coincidences between many Australian serial killer's in the last 50 years in Australia.

    I have not only been able to link known serial killers to each other / other unsolved cases and many over lapping residential / travel histories, but l have confirmed multiple links to multiple aspects of the 2 suspects I had personal reasons for suspecting.

    And further more, the 2 suspects who I can prove are linked to more than one known criminal and/or crime, but also to each other.

    All their lies, paths, crimes, criminal enterprises, tactics, social / vocational / criminal peer circles overlap and intertwine.

    Both the internal and external profiles of these people can be either the same, or the polar opposite.

    Except for that everyone they have interacted with for any length of time will agree that they are misunderstood, with half knowing without doubt that they are as changeable and predictably unpredictable as the weather on Jupiter, and the rest believing that they are really charming / honest / moral, and many saying they were intimidated at first, but then soon realized they had been wrong, and parents/ siblings/ family , if a little odd/ led astray

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