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    Child killer to face questions on 1968 murder
    VICTORIA'S longest-serving prisoner, the child killer and diagnosed "sadistic pedophile" Derek Percy, is to be questioned by the NSW Coroner over the murder of a boy in Sydney 37 years ago.

    The State Coroner, John Abernethy, has ordered Percy to appear before Glebe Coroner's Court at a two-day inquest, beginning today, into the unsolved abduction, strangulation and mutilation murder of three-year-old Simon Brook at Glebe Point on May 18, 1968.

    Police have not revealed whether Percy, 57, will give his evidence via a video link or be flown to Sydney under tight security. Police in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT believe he may be linked to the murders of seven other children and teenagers in the 1960s.

    Percy is serving a life sentence in Victoria as a "governor's pleasure prisoner" after being found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness over the 1969 stabbing murder of a 12-year-old Victorian girl.

    At the time he was a sailor stationed at nearby HMAS Cerberus. His movements as a teenager with his parents and later as a sailor also placed him near the scenes of some of the country's most baffling homicides - including the murders of two teenage girls at Wanda Beach in 1966 and the disappearance of the three Beaumont children in Adelaide that same year.


    There's also a cold case thread on the three Beaumont children, as that case was never solved, and it hasn't yet been proven and wasn't suggested until earlier this year that Percy may have been involved. Some other guy was on trial for their murders.[color=#800080][/color]
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    ONE of Australia's most sadistic child killers has been flown to Sydney under tight security to give evidence at a coronial inquiry into the murder of a toddler almost 40 years ago.

    Derek Percy, who is serving an indefinite jail term in Victoria, is expected to be questioned tomorrow by NSW Coroner John Abernethy over the 1968 murder of three-year-old Simon Brook.

    Simon's badly mutilated body was found in bushes near his home at Glebe, in Sydney's inner west, the day after he disappeared.

    The child suffocated when balls of rolled-up newspaper were forced down his throat.

    Percy was ordered to appear before the inquest at Glebe Coroners Court after the Victoria Police cold case unit re-examined his suspected crimes. Percy, one of Victoria's longest-serving prisoners, was found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness over the 1969 stabbing murder of a 12-year-old Victorian girl, but was jailed at the governor's pleasure.,10117,17540006-1242,00.html
    40 yrs:eek: I hope they finally get him for this :furious: It would be a relief for the family to know it was him that did it and he has been locked away for all these years.I wish we had the DP for scum like this.
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    This guy sounds like Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. convicted US pedophile and child murderer who served in the US Navy from 1962 until 1974. It is good that they caught Derek Percy fairly early in his killing career. Both of them today are serving at the pleasure of a Governor (and in Coffey's case at the pleasure of a Parole Board as well).
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    Hi, just read this link and i concur with you in your sentiments.Unfortunately we do not have the death penalty here in Oz but this creep would be first to fry in my book. I often wonder if he is also responsible for the 2 missing girls taken from the Adelaide Football Oval in the early 70s.I cannot find much info on this case but recall it vividly as i grew up in S.A in the 70s.eveyone talked about it and police searched eveywhere but they were never found. It would be great to know more about these 2 girls.I know Spencer Von Eiman (?) was a suspect but i recall they were seen with a young man and Spencer Von Creep would have been older.A sad case for the families as they just vanished into thin air never to be seen again.Imagine never knowing and taking this sadness to your grave.:confused:
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