Australia - System to find missing people 'like lottery'

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    23 Jul 2013,

    The national system used to track down missing people is like a "lottery", a former police officer has told SBS’s Insight.

    Mark Samways, a former New South Wales police officer with the Missing Persons Unit says the national database is inconsistent and too dependent on the initial contact with police, and what information the police officer decides to record in the system at the time.

    “It appears that that [the system] is improving but it is still dependent on that first contact with police,” Samways tells Insight. “If you go into a police station in Perth, in Brisbane, in Melbourne, in Sydney, you should get the same response for your missing person’s case. It shouldn't be dependent on state-based systems

    The above topic was on SBS program Insight last night. Video of it should be on the link.
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