Australia - Vampire killer Tracey Wigginton to be released from prison

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    THE man who prosecuted "lesbian vampire killer" Tracey Wigginton says she remains dangerous, a fear shared by Wigginton's own half-sister and relatives of victim Edward Baldock.

    Wigginton, who nearly decapitated the father of five in a frenzied knife attack before drinking his blood, will be paroled in a matter of weeks despite a prison altercation five years ago that returned her to a more secure prison.
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    The family of murder victim Edward Baldock, who was slain by Tracey Wigginton, have slammed the disturbing Facebook posts of the “Vampire Killer” and the lack of action taken by authorities.
    In an exclusive interview with 9News tonight, Edward’s daughter Tracy said the family never wanted Wigginton released and the images of Vampires posted by her are disgusting.
    Wigginton, was dubbed the 'Vampire Killer' because she murdered Baldock to drink his blood. She was given a life sentence but released on parole 7 years ago.o_O

    ‘Why aren’t they tracking her?’: Victim’s daughter slams ‘Vampire Killer’

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