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Australia Australia - Wendy Darvill, 35, Mt Gravatt, Qld, 8 Aug 1996

Discussion in '1990's Missing' started by marlywings, Dec 14, 2014.

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    True crime Queensland: Police call Wendy Darvill’s disappearance ‘the perfect murder’

    December 10, 2014

    Wendy, at 35, had discovered her devoted husband had been keeping secrets.

    Everything was at risk. Their home. Their future.

    At first she must have been stunned, but she quickly sprang into action.

    Her loving husband must have been having a breakdown, she reasoned.

    Straight on the phone to the couple’s financial adviser, she heard a story of financial doom and gloom.

    There was no time to waste. The next day, she resolved, she would go to the court to pay the fine and visit the tax office to arrange repayment of the outstanding tax. She arranged a couple of days off work to get it sorted.

    But she never made it.

    That next day, August 8, 1996, Wendy vanished.

    Gary reported her missing that evening. He’d gone for a walk to clear his head and when he came home, his wife and her car were gone, he told police.

    Her silver Toyota Camry was found abandoned at a Holland Park bus stop weeks later.

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