Australian couple abandoned surrogate twin baby boy in India despite warnings

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by zwiebel, Apr 13, 2015.

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    An Australian couple who went to India in 2012 to collect a surrogate baby girl, left her healthy twin brother behind because they 'could not afford him and only wanted a girl to complete their family'.

    Now newly released (but heavily redacted) government documents have shown that Australian officials were aware the couple were from NSW where it's illegal to engage in international surrogacy, that they repeatedly warned the couple the baby boy could be left stateless, but still gave the green light for the couple to take just the baby girl back to Australia.

    Bolded by me:
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    THAT is disgusting behavior on this couple's part. How is that little girl going to feel when she eventually finds out that she has a twin brother that her so called parents ABANDONED at birth??????
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    Oh my gosh how could they do that?! This is horrible. I hope they are named and shamed. I wonder if the Australian government will try to track the little boy down somehow? I don't know how international surrogacy works and who would be in charge of any criminal investigation/charges?
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    From your link:

    "We're commoditising children and that's a huge concern. It's in breach of all sorts of human rights conventions – it's a criminal offence in many places."


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