Austria claims to have invented tartan kilts

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    Tartan kilts have become fashionable in Austria after archaeologists claimed the country invented them.

    Many Austrian stores are now selling "traditional Austrian" kilts and sporrans as well as lederhosen.

    The Austrian claim is based on the discovery of what they claim is the oldest piece of tartan in the world.

    The host of the Austrian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire is the latest convert to the trend. Armin Assinger turned up at the studio wearing one of the Carinthian kilts.

    Thomas Rettl, whose clothing company is based close to where scraps from the original Celtic kilt were found, said: "Ever since we found out that Austria was the true home to tartan we have been doing a roaring trade.

    "It was found not in Scotland but in a place called Molzbichl in Carinthia in Austria. The Celts who conquered

    Story from Ananova
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