GUILTY AZ - Bessie Graham, 85, beaten & strangled in her Willcox home, 5 July 1996

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    While I'm glad this case has been solved and the family has some type of closure, I hate that he is being convicted of only second degree murder! This woman was brutally killed and the sentance will not be long enough to keep him in prison for the rest of his life. IMO he should be kept caged with no possibility of ever walking free again.

    snip> Almost 10 years to the day after 85-year-old Bessie Graham was brutally murdered, Alejandro Gutierrez will be sentenced for the crime.

    Gutierrez, 48, was charged with first-degree murder in January 2002 after DNA evidence pointed to the Willcox man's involvement in the July 5, 1996 slaying at Graham's home on Arizona Avenue.

    Following several years of the appellate process, Gutierrez accepted a plea agreement on May 22 convicting him of second-degree murder in the case. After Gutierrez was charged with first-degree murder, the judge suppressed a portion of testimony by a witness who had been hypnotized in order to help her recollections, said Cochise County Attorney Ed Rheinheimer.

    More at link.
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