AZ AZ - Cara Cox, 41, car found in Seminole Oklahoma, last heard from by family 15 May, bf says he left her at rest stop in AZ, 20 May 2022

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Circumstance Notes

June 8th, 2022 - Received information of Possible Sighting of Cara near Joseph City, AZ. Reporting party advised that they seen a female walking "on the back roads of Joseph City on the Westover bridge" on June 3rd, 2022 at approximately 17:30 hours (5:30 PM)

From the initial post, we regular old posters can certainly read between the lines.

Not so sure that her ethnicity matters -- imho we know about Gabby Petito because her family members kept after the media for information after contact stopped and cooperated with LE at every turn.

@Mardicat , become Ms. Cox' advocate. Call the newspapers in her hometown and in Joseph City and ask for stories. Share her Missing flier on social media. Call law enforcement (politely) and ask about progress on her case.

The squeaky wheel often does get the grease -- so squeak for Cara Cox & see what happens!

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Not new, but here goes:


@MsMiniSleuth , does LE have a Facebook page in either jurisdiction? Links to those can be posted & comments (which can't be shared here) are often interesting.

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Unfortunately there's no posts about cara on either sheriffs fb pages
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" I left her at a rest stop in the desert."

Oh well, okay then. Makes perfect sense; what upstanding citizen doesn't leave their ex-girlfriend at the rest stop once in a while? I mean, we ladies just love those delightful rest-stop bathrooms, right?
This is an older FB account of Cara. Log in or sign up to view

There is a very clear picture of her really nice scorpion neck tattoo on there.

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Cara Caudill Cox is a Native American from Oklahoma. She went missing while accompanying her boyfriend on a haul in his semi. They left Oklahoma heading to California on I-40. Her last communication was May 15, 2022 from Arizona. Her boyfriend returned to Oklahoma with all of her belongings, but without Cara. This video includes new photos and information from Cara's family. Please share this video to get Cara's story and pictures out there. This story is getting very little coverage, even in Oklahoma. We will continue to follow this case and provide updates, and will be doing everything we can to help the family.

She also has a sister advocating for her.

There is always more to a story and multiple sites. I wish main stream media will pick this case up and the one she was traveling with is going to work with LE, because he was the last one seeing her?

As I see it for now her vehicle was left behind by herself when she started traveling with her boyfriend's truck and was later towed.
The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

Vehicle has been confirmed as being towed from Love's Travel Stop at the Seminole Exit off of I-40 on May 20th, 2022.

There might be some contradiction in the dates she was last seen or had last contact in the various information. In a flyer is stated that she was last seen on May 13th in Bearden, Oklahoma.

Namus states: Circumstances of Disappearance. Date of Last contact was on May 15th, 2022 at approximately 20:44 hours.

I don't know yet what this last contact was about. Maybe a phone call (better) or a just a message (questionable. Was really her)

Is there any CCTV-footage of her at the Love's Travel Stop, seeing her leaving her car or getting into a truck?


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cox_cara.jpg cox_cara2.jpg cox_cara3.jpg cox_cara_tattoo.jpg

Missing Since 05/15/2022
Missing From Seminole, Oklahoma
Classification Missing
Sex Female
Race Native American
Age 41 years old
Height and Weight 5'3 - 5'5, 120 - 160 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics Native American female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Cox is a registered member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Her ears are pierced in the lobes and at the top cartilage. She has a tattoo of a green Care Bear on her right arm at the shoulder; a photo of the tattoo is posted with this case summary. She also has a tattoo of a scorpion with her name "Cara" in the tail on the back of her neck. She wears eyeglasses.

Details of Disappearance
Cox was last seen in Seminole, Oklahoma at 8:44 p.m. on May 15, 2022. She was driving a green 2000 Honda Civic Del Sol with the Oklahoma license plate number LEQ736 at the time. She has never been heard from again. On May 20, her vehicle was found abandoned at Love's Travel Stop at the Seminole Exit off of Interstate 40, and was towed.

After her disappearance Cox is believed to have traveled with a man who was a long-haul truck driver. He told her family he left her at a rest stop, but his story as to where this rest stop was changed: at one point he said it was in Arizona, and another time he said it was in California. There was a possible sighting of Cox on foot in Joseph City, Arizona on June 3, but this is unconfirmed.

The circumstances of her disappearance are unclear.

Last updated June 8, 2024; casefile added.

View attachment 508900 View attachment 508902 View attachment 508903 View attachment 508901

Manquant depuis le 15/05/2022
Disparu de Seminole, Oklahoma
Classification manquante
Sexe Féminin
Race amérindienne
Âge 41 ans
Taille et poids 5'3 - 5'5, 120 - 160 livres
Caractéristiques distinctives Femelle amérindienne. Cheveux bruns, yeux marrons. Cox est un membre enregistré de la nation Muscogee (Creek). Ses oreilles sont percées au niveau des lobes et au niveau du cartilage supérieur. Elle a un tatouage d'un Care Bear vert sur son bras droit au niveau de l'épaule ; une photo du tatouage est publiée avec ce résumé de cas. Elle a également un tatouage d'un scorpion avec son nom "Cara" dans la queue sur la nuque. Elle porte des lunettes.

Détails de la disparition
Cox a été vue pour la dernière fois à Seminole, Oklahoma à 20 h 44 le 15 mai 2022. Elle conduisait alors une Honda Civic Del Sol 2000 verte avec le numéro de plaque d'immatriculation de l'Oklahoma LEQ736. On n'a plus jamais eu de nouvelles d'elle. Le 20 mai, son véhicule a été retrouvé abandonné à Love's Travel Stop, à la sortie Seminole de l'Interstate 40, et a été remorqué.

Après sa disparition, Cox aurait voyagé avec un homme qui était chauffeur de camion longue distance. Il a dit à sa famille qu'il l'avait laissée à une aire de repos, mais son histoire quant à l'endroit où cette aire de repos avait été modifiée : à un moment donné, il a dit que c'était en Arizona, et une autre fois, il a dit que c'était en Californie. Il y a eu une possible observation de Cox à pied à Joseph City, en Arizona, le 3 juin, mais cela n'est pas confirmé.

Les circonstances de sa disparition ne sont pas claires.

Dernière mise à jour le 8 juin 2024 ; dossier ajouté.
In some articles it is stated that this truck driver was her boyfriend. Is it true ?


Other information in See Me OKC

See Me OKCGrandmothers calling~MMIW / MMIP

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Red Alert. This is one case that has really been on my mind. It reminds me of the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundry case, minus the media coverage.
Today please See and Share Cara Marie Caudill-Cox. Cara was just 41 years young when she disappeared. Today she would be 42. She is a mother of two adult sons and is enrolled with The Muscogee (Creek) Nation. She lived in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, town just west of Tulsa with a population of less than 20,000. All of the information below is really all I could locate at this time. If it seems confusing, keep in mind that a majority of the information that has been released was shared by Adam Stapp.
On May 13, 2022, it is believed that Cara left Oklahoma to accompany her boyfriend, Adam Stapp, a truckdriver, on a run to California. This is something Cara had done in the past many times. This trip would be different. She would usually contact her uncle or one of her sons to let them know her plans. She did not this time. No one knew she was out of town. The family is not really sure exactly when she left Oklahoma.
On May 15, 2022, she contacted her family. The conversation that they had has not been released to anyone, due to the on-going investigation. It was shortly thereafter that Adam returned to Oklahoma, without Cara. He spent a couple of days looking for Cara in Oklahoma with her family. Later his story changed and he said that they had gotten into an argument at the Twin Arrows Casino, located outside Flagstaff in Arizona and that he left her there. Again when questioned, his story changed. He said that he left Cara in Essex, California at a rest stop.
Whichever story is true what we do know is that he arrived in Oklahoma without Cara and that he had all of her belongs minus her cell phone. It was not uncommon for Cara to drop off her car near his truck, as Adam lived in his semi full time. Her car was recovered outside Seminole.
What we do know is that May 15, 2022, was the last time her family had contact with her. All cell phone activity and social media activity ended that day. There are only two people that know what transpired that day, but we can’t reach Cara and Adam will not speak with the authorities. Multiple searches have been conducted, still no trace of Cara.
Below in the listed research is a video that one gentleman did of a drone search he conducted for the family. You see, there are old mine shafts all around the area in Essex that Cara is believed to have been left by Adam. Most have been concreted over, but not all.
It's heart breaking! Cara’s family has made multiple trips to California from Oklahoma and have handed flyers to anyone that would take one. Hanging them in gas stops, rest stops, and motels all in between from California to Oklahoma. I cannot phantom how difficult it has been….for over a year they have never given up and never stopped trying to get answers.
Cara is described as being 5'5", 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a green care bear tattoo on her right shoulder and a purple round birthmark on her left shoulder blade. Cara does not have any of her belongings. The investigator working on her case is Jathan Hunt, 405-259-7474.

Some unknowns: It’s unclear if Cara knew at the time of her disappearance that Adam was married. It’s also unclear if she knew that his previous wife had filed for a restraining order against him for domestic abuse.

Investigators in Oklahoma have asked for assistance from the FBI and OSBI. Currently the case has gone cold until the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department hands it over; its in their hands. There has been no media coverage whatsoever.
Let’s share her story all over the internet and help get her family some help and attention!
Here is my research:
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