Identified! AZ - Casa Grande, Male Skeletal UP4901, 30-50, Jan'09 - Name not found

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by Tonia, Jan 23, 2009.

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    An investigation is underway in Pinal County after deputies discovered a complete skeleton just northwest of the Casa Grande city limits Wednesday night.

    According to the sheriff's office, someone spotted the remains and phoned in a tip.

    Detectives located the complete skeletal remains of a human in a partial grave.

    The city of Casa Grande, the police department and the Pinal County sheriff's office do not have any missing persons reports that can be linked to this recovery.

    The amount of time the person has been deceased, their sex, race, age, manner and cause of death are all unknown at this time.
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    Still unidentified:

    Address 1 Colonia de Sol Trailer Park
    City Casa Grande
    State Arizona
    Skeletal remains from shallow grave

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 60
    Minimum age 30 years
    Maximum age 50 years
    Race Unsure
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 63, Estimated
    Probable year of death 2005 to 2008
    The seventh cervical vertebra has a degenerative and osteophytic growth to body

    Dentals are available, he had some fillings and cavities. DNA tests are not complete.
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    I believe this gentleman has been identified as I'm getting a permission error from NamUs. A quick search hasn't turned up an ID, but I'll keep looking...

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