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    I was searching for info about serial killer William Floyd Zamastil after seeing he was suspected in a cold case mentioned in another thread and in the process found this article about Deborah. I don't believe she has a WS thread, so bringing her here. (Zamastil is mentioned in this recent article about Deborah's case, too, but it seems that a firm link has never been found.)

    read more at:

    ETA: If you visit the link, be sure not to miss the righthand sidebar report about Deborah's known travels on her trip -- sounds like she at least got to do some of the things she planned. So sad that she must have met her killer along the way...

    As I read things from this article, it seems some of her belongings were found in California but it is felt she never made it there herself (alive and/or free, anyway).
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    Ya know, BW, it's scary how you and I are so often on the same wavelength. ;) I wasn't familiar with Zamastil until yesterday or the day before when I was researching Wisconsin murders and found he was named a POI in the killing of Christine Rothschild. Here are a couple of links I bookmarked. Deborah isn't mentioned in them, though. We should probably give this guy a thread in the SK forum.

    Now off to see what I can find out about Deborah.
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    ;) "back at ya", bessie.

    I wasn't familiar with him either. You led me there -- I read about him in the link(s) about Christine you posted on Kathy Jones' thread and went trying to learn a bit more about him and found Deborah.

    It does seem like he has been suspected in several additional murders beyond the ones he has been convicted of, so having a thread in the SK forum sure makes sense to me.
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    Timeline: Deborah Carrick homicide
    Compiled by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office cold case unit:
    July 20, 1975-Aug. 2, 1975
    Deborah Carrick traveled to New Hampshire by bus to meet her boyfriend who had recently returned from Vietnam. They traveled to Maine and Acadia National Park. Her boyfriend decided not to travel to California with her. She left New Hampshire by bus on Aug. 2, 1975.
    Aug. 4-Aug. 6
    Carrick arrived in Rapid City, SD, then traveled to Mount Rushmore and Wind Cave National Park. She rode the bus and hitchhiked. She met a person who was later considered a suspect.
    Aug. 7-Aug. 8
    Carrick traveled to Yellowstone National Park. She met a group of young people in Yellowstone and stayed overnight with a woman in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She hitchhiked from Idaho Falls.
    Aug. 9-Aug. 16
    According to notes on her personal calendar, Carrick met a person named Vern, who she traveled with to Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, back through Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and eventually to Denver, Colo. Her calendar entry for Aug. 16, stated: “Denver, Colo. Left V”

    Aug. 16
    Carrick called home and spoke with her 14-year-old little sister. She stated that she would be going to the Grand Canyon with three French girls. She said they were going to rent a car. She stated that she had been traveling with a “cowboy” but was no longer with him. The call was from a pay phone next to a Greyhound bus station and rental shop in Denver. She had a Greyhound ticket, and there is no evidence that she and the French girls rented a car.
    Aug. 17
    Carrick stayed at the Flamingo Motel in Flagstaff. (The Flamingo was located at the current site of the Barnes & Noble bookstore.) She paid for the room with two travelers checks. The owners recalled remembering her. The $12 rent would have been for one or two people in the room. She planned on going to the Grand Canyon the next day.

    Aug. 18
    The day Carrick was supposed to go to the Canyon, a murder was reported. A young man was killed off Highway 180 and Kendrick Park. Two men were arrested and convicted of the crime, and they have made statements admitting and recanting in being involved in Carrick’s death.
    Aug. 26
    Some of Carrick’s belongings are found around the intersection if Highway 101 and Mark West Springs Road in Santa Rosa, Calif. This would have been about 30 miles from her destination of Sebastopol, Calif. It is the same area where four separate female murder victims had been found. All four of those cases are still unsolved but believed to be the work of a serial killer.

    Sept. 2
    Four of Carrick’s travelers checks were bank deposited. The signatures had been forged. When arranged in numerical order, the checks were cashed on a north-to-south direction of travel from Colorado. An unknown male cashed the checks.
    Sept. 3
    Three more travelers checks were deposited in the bank. All three were cashed in Albuquerque, N.M.
    Sept. 9
    Carrick’s body is found in a side canyon of the Little Colorado River off Highway 64, which is about halfway between Cameron and Grand Canyon National Park. Her body was fully clothed except for her shoes and socks, which were found nearby. She had been dead for about three weeks

    Oct. 24
    Her body was identified based on dental records.

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