AZ AZ - Eddie Hutchison, 26, Dewey Peters, 26, Crystal Allison, 21, 12 April 1998

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    At the heart of the debate over voice-stress analysis is the possibility that innocent people will confess to crimes they never committed.

    Consider what happened in June 2003, when Maricopa County sheriff's detectives developed a lead on one of their biggest unsolved murder cases.

    A woman told investigators that 51-year-old machinist Robert Louis Armstrong was the triggerman in a triple homicide that occurred on Easter 1998.

    The informer purportedly passed a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer test.

    Armstrong, with a history of brain damage and drug abuse, had no idea why he was picked up for questioning. He denied knowing victims Ronald Hutchinson, Dewey Peters and Crystal Allison, who were gunned down while enjoying beer and a bonfire along the Agua Fria River bottom.

    He swore that he was visiting his mother in Oregon.

    Detectives told Armstrong he got the date wrong. They had physical evidence and a witness. They showed Armstrong pictures of the bloodied victims. They suggested he must have blacked out, and offered scenarios to explain his involvement.
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    How an ABC15 investigation led one woman to demand detectives try again to solve her sister's murder

    PHOENIX - The Agua Fria River bottom is still haunted by one of the Valley's worst unsolved murders.

    "There is somebody out there that is still walking around that killed three people, brutally killed three people", said Kelly Ramsay, the sister of murder victim Crystal Allison.'s-murder

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