AZ - Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6, Tucson, 20 April 2012 Media & Doc Dump (No Discussion)

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This thread can be used for media links, document dump links, timeline, screenshots of important information that came from the document dumps.

Please make sure when posting statements or screen-shots, to please include the page number and PDF #1, 2, 3 etc.

PDF Celis 1: Blood On Seat, Testimony From Neighbor

PDF Celis 2: Forensics collected, items taken from home

PDF Celis 3: Details on air search, boot prints found at home

PDF Celis 4: Found pillow, possible sightings

PDF Celis 5: Allegations of owed money, evidence from home

PDF Celis 6: Sandals found in park, DNA from family

This is a "No Discussion Thread".

Please thank this post so that everyone is aware this is a "No Discussion" thread. TIA
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I know these are going to land in an odd place, with all of the information coming from the document dump. I apologize!

The first image is of the camera on the Celis home (which is still pointing upwards)-the camera is circled in red.

The second image (labeled "A") is the northeast corner of the Office Max, in which you can see two cameras. The camera towards the front of the building is pointing at the parking lot, in the direction of the Celis home.

The third image (labeled "B") is taken directly under the camera in image A, facing the direction that the camera is pointing. You can see the front of the Celis home (labeled C.H.)

The last image is the right side of the wooden gate. You can see the hinges which enable that side of the gate to open out, towards the street. You can also see the build-up of rock at the bottom of the gate, which looks as if it hasn't been opened recently.

There are no cameras on top of the Party City/5 Guys Burgers & Fries building.
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