AZ - Joseph Dixon for child pornography, Bisbee, 2011

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    So, can I ask a simple question? If Mr. Dixon knew what he was doing was illegal AND if the images did nothing for him, why???? And there we go again--blaming the spouse and lack of sex. Was it worth a life sentence?

    Man sentenced to 240 years in child pornography case
    March 14, 2012

    "BISBEE — Joseph Lawrence Dixon, 69, was sentenced Monday to 240 years by Superior Court Judge James Conlogue after being found guilty of 24 child pornography counts in a jury trial last month. Dixon received 10 years for each count and they have to be served consecutively..."


    "...Dixon, who has no prior record of any kind, pleaded not guilty in a jury trial even though he had files on his computer that contained provocative, nude images of females under the age of 15, according to his pre-sentence report. He admitted to detectives in an April 2011 interview that he had been downloading and viewing pornography of different types including child pornography because he was curious. He said he and his wife had not had sex for the past 15 years and he was looking for something that would sexually stimulate him. None of the porn aroused him..."

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