Found Safe AZ - Kevin Ray Buckmister, 65, got angry and left, Gilbert, 19 Feb 2019 *dementia*

Discussion in 'Located Persons Discussion' started by GuyfromCanada, Feb 20, 2019.

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    In January 2019, Kevin was diagnosed with Dementia. Since being diagnosed, his memory has deteriorated significantly. The only time he is allowed to drive is when his wife is with him, and every time they are out, he forgets where they are driving to and where they are at.

    On February 19, 2019, at approximately 1600 hours, Kevin appeared to be angry with his wife for an unknown reason. He told her he was leaving and going up north, which she interpreted as Pine Top. She told him it was snowing up there and he replied “good, maybe they’ll find me in the snow.” He has no history of suicidal ideations, and although he takes blood pressure medication, he has no life threatening medical conditions. He was last seen driving east on Elliott from Gilbert. He does not have his AZ DL or phone with him. Kevin has only his bank card, and $200 cash. He was last seen wearing a tan flannel shirt and jeans.

    Kevin Ray Buckmister Silver Alert - Activated | Arizona Department of Public Safety

    Kevin R Buckmister (65) suffers from dementia. He left from the area of Gilbert and Elliot driving a white 2000 Ford F150 pick-up truck (AZ License Plate: BDD3091) around 1600 hours today. Kevin is wearing jeans and a tan flannel shirt. He's 5'10" and 185 lbs. Please call the Gilbert Police Department or 9-1-1 if you see him.

    Gilbert Police Department

    Note: Pine Top is probably Pinetop-Lakeside, a town in Navajo County. The distance from Gilbert is about 166 miles.

    Google Maps
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    Dementia is so hard on a family. My heart goes out to these folks.
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    My late Uncle was industrious. After removing his keys and selling his vehicle we found he wouldn't answer his phone. Upon checking his house he was not in a diabetic coma, sometimes he was found on the floor inside his living room, but not this time. My 'family' took him shopping and to run his errands and dr appts.
    It took more than 24 hrs to find him, he was sitting under a tree several miles from home. When we asked why he was there, he said he had taken the bus, but didn't know why or where he was going. I miss him so much.
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