AZ - Martha Thy, 30‘s, stabbed to death after freeway crash, Peoria, Maricopa County, 22 Mar 2019

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    Arizona man allegedly stabbed girlfriend to death after crashing her car | Daily Mail Online

    A 25-year-old Arizona man is behind bars after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death after crashing her car off a freeway.

    Fernando Acosta, of Phoenix, has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated assault in the death of Martha Thy.


    Acosta allegedly crashed Thy's white Lexus sedan after veering off the Loop 101 freeway in Peoria just before 7am on Friday and began stabbing her in the car.

    Thy managed to escape from the vehicle and tried to crawl away from Acosta, who then got out of the driver's side of the car and continued stabbing her outside, according to the probable cause statement.

    Several witnesses had tried to stop Acosta from attacking Thy, who was stabbed at least 20 times.

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    Gustavo Muñoz immediately pulled over to help when he saw the crash. Acosta then allegedly accosted him with a knife.

    'I ran towards the vehicle, and when I got to the other side of the ditch the man comes out with a knife,' he told ABC 15. 'Hands full of blood. His face, body was filled with blood.'

    Muñoz then flagged down other drivers to get more help.

    Thy was rushed to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

    Acosta was still behind bars on Saturday. A motive has not been disclosed.

    Man accused of fatally stabbing woman after freeway crash

    San Diego woman stabbed to death after car accident in Phoenix

    Man accused of fatally stabbing woman after freeway crash

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    “The guys that were there, they got their gun so we could try to scare him,” Muñoz said. "One man fired shots at the ground to see if he would drop the knife and stop stabbing the lady that was in the vehicle.”

    Muñoz told ABC15 that eventually one man ran and tackled the suspect and knocked the knife from his hands. Muñoz and others piled on and held the man down until law enforcement arrived."

    San Diego woman fatally stabbed after crash on 101 in Ariz.

    The video from Youtube made it appear that the suspect was shot; this article disputes that. Just horrible what this monster has done. RIP Ms. Thy.

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    Thank you to the people who did what they could to help! Such bravery! I applaud them!

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