AZ - Ranger Paul Fugate, 42, Chiricahua National Monument, 13 Jan 1980

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    On January 13, 1980, Chiricahua National Monument Ranger Paul Fugate told another ranger he was going to check the trails to Faraway Ranch, a newly acquired area of the park. He never returned.

    When his house was checked, only his ranger uniform and NPS keys were missing.

    An extensive search and rescue operation was mounted, but no trace was ever found.

    An acquaintance said he had passed a pickup truck that day in which he saw Paul, in his uniform, slumped over in the middle of a pickup truck, between two other men.

    What happened to Ranger Fugate?
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    I found a little more information in this article from the Arizona Republic on June 28, 1981, when his wife was appealing the Park Service ruling that he left his job. It's a subscription site, behind a paywall.

    It states the sighting of Paul in a truck near the Monument with 2 strangers took place 5 days after he disappeared. The person who saw him, a personal friend, related he was not wearing his glasses. IMO, I'm not sure it was actually him in the truck. I can't imagine kidnappers keeping someone for 5 days before driving away. Perhaps his friend made an honest mistake, hoping he was seeing his missing friend.

    In the article, his wife also states he left behind his wallet, $300, a valuable gun collection, expensive camera equipment and a truck he was restoring. He would have at least taken the wallet and cash if he were leaving voluntarily.

    He could have met with foul play, with the killers dumping his body outside the Park. He also could have died accidentally. leaving his body in a remote area or killed by a mountain lion or other wild creature. I hope they find him someday. RIP
    ETA: Another article in the Arizona Republic stated the friend who saw him in a truck with 2 other men believed he saw him the day he went missing, but didn't recall the memory until 5 days later.

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