Bank worker leaves IOU letter in the safe

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    London - A British bank employee who stole huge sums from his employer left a note in a safe admitting he had "borrowed" £7-million, a court was told on Tuesday.

    In fact, the true scale of financial consultant Graham Price's theft and deception totalled nearly £10-million, the Swansea magistrate's court in South Wales heard.

    Price faces 43 separate charges and asked for a further 263 offences to also be considered by the court.

    Asked whether he admitted the charges, the 58-year-old Price said: "Each and every one."

    He was found out when a cash audit was carried out at the branch and three boxes taped together were found in a safe.

    Inside one of the boxes was an envelope containing a note which read: "Borrowed, seven million pounds from the Halifax", signed by Price.

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    I like how he used the "term" borrowed (like it was with permission) instead of theft(which it was)

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