Barbeque thwarted by "hot" stuff

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    Talk about spicy barbeque

    Over Memorial Day weekend, Charles Wesley of Bethlehem, Pa. was preparing to grill up some savory lobster and steak for a wedding anniversary cookout in his yard.

    Just before he began, Wesley pulled up a few weeds that happened to be growing next to some bushes on his property — but also got an unexpected surprise.

    Along with the unwanted plants, Wesley found a yellow and black box about the size of a car battery with the word "nuclear" on the side.

    "That's all I needed to see is the words 'radioactive' and 'nuclear,'" Wesley said. "Something like that, you can't just throw it in your trash can."

    He called authorities and within minutes police had cordoned off the block, evacuated his neighbors and effectively put the kibosh on the barbecue.

    Police determined the box was a nuclear compaction device used in construction. Wesley's neighbor had reported the box stolen from his truck.,2933,121486,00.html

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    Nothing like radioactive steak and lobster for dinner!

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