Be careful what you post, there are thiefs!

Discussion in 'Texas Killing Fields and Mysteries Along I-45' started by nutkin, Sep 26, 2020.

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    I wrote a blog post in 2012 about Tina Flood's murder. I found a podcast online tonight from February 4th where they read my post verbatim and passed it off as their own work!

    I am so livid. I have been researching these cases for 23 years now. I have spent hundreds of hours of my own time finding information that is extremely difficult to find. I have spent my own money on records and newspaper archives. It just seriously makes me so angry that people are so willing to plagiarize someone else's work when they can put in the effort themselves. Especially when their podcast has ads in it, so they are making money off of me.

    I am fairly sure they came across the link here because it did used to be in my signature until recently.


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    Sue them.
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    I have a feeling I know which one you are talking about. Several of these podcasts do this on a weekly basis and are cashing in on reading other people's research.

    If I were you I would reach out to them and explain why this is so demeaning. With true crime podcasts on the rise, everyone is looking for their way to cash in on the demand. It is not fair to researchers like yourself. Especially when you have invested so much time and money into the case.
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    Reaching out to them won't do any good. Hit them where it hurts—in the wallet! There would be some expense involved in filing a lawsuit, but the satisfaction would be well worth it.
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