Before requesting a chart for a person 'possibly' related to a crime, READ HERE

Discussion in 'Forensic Astrology Forum' started by FifthEssence, Sep 15, 2010.

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    There are a few simple rules to follow. WS has maintained certain standards regarding the posting of names and exploitation of individuals which we will respect inside this Forum.

    Please, do not request a chart for any person NOT noted in mainstream news releases as possibly connected to the case or persons NOT noted by LE. This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, schoolmates, employers, and other acquaintances you may come across in your research.

    If you feel someone is integral to the case but does not fall into the two acceptable categories, make your post brief and provide a link as your backup for the inquiry, only using the intials of the person. The inquiry will be removed if the source is not substantiated or reasonable.

    We don't post charts on 'minors' unless they are the subject of the case, the missing or harmed child.
    If LE has named a minor as a suspect and or charged them with an offense, only then will a chart posting be allowed using their initials only.
    Should LE state a minor is a person of interest or charged w/a crime and they don't disclose their name publicly and you find the child's name through your research, do not post it in any of the WS forums. TOS rules.

    If you have any questions or aren't sure if a chart request or posting of a chart is acceptable,
    contact the Forum's Moderator, FIFTHESSENCE.

    Thank You.

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