Beware of Another Caylee Scam Artist

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    (I've emailed Tricia, but haven't heard from her, so I apologize in advance if I am breaking etiquette.)

    Hi there, I’m Melissa, I am the administrator at the forum. I wanted to make you aware of a situation
    that occurred on our forum, just in case someone may be pulling the same scam
    on your boards. We had a long time
    poster extort almost $2,000.00 from our well-meaning members. She used a story about taking in an abused
    child and then having no money to pay for the upkeep and care of the child. It
    was one thing after another, oh we have the flu and no money for doctors, oh I
    fell and hurt my knee and no money for doctors, oh I’m counting change for
    soup, oh I went to a church but they were out of resources, oh nobody will help
    us because I’m not a foster parent, oh
    Christmas is coming and I have no money to buy presents for this poor abused
    child that I took away from her abusive parents, blah blah blah. It went on and
    on… after day, for months. On the forum, she never actually came right out
    and ASKED for money, she just made it extremely difficult to ignore her and her
    contrived “plight.” She collected email addresses, befriended people, and
    carried on the “woe is me” scam through emails. As it turns out, very little of
    what she said was legitimate, and she has a criminal history, to boot.

    Until a few days ago,
    I was unaware of how many generous souls had “contributed” to this woman. Once I had the big picture, I blocked her IP
    address and she is exposed, at least on our forum. Unfortunately, I am hearing
    through the grapevine that this type of storyline is being floated on other
    Caylee forums. It’s a variation of the story we heard, it always involves a “rescued”
    child, and not enough resources to care for the child. Sites dedicated to Caylee are often frequented
    by kind and generous souls who have a true heart for the welfare of children.
    Therefore, I felt it important to take this time to enlighten you and your
    members to this situation in the hopes it prevents her from moving her scheme
    over to your sites. Caylee Anthony has brought so many people together...
    like-minded, good -hearted people. My fear is that someone with malicious
    intent would intentionally seek out forums such as ours and prey on wonderful
    people. I bring this to your attention in hopes of preventing similar
    situations on other boards. Caylee Anthony's memory should not be tarnished and
    manipulated in such a fashion, and I hope you join with me in doing what we can
    to protect this child's legacy. To save you time, I have included a sticky
    note, should you wish to post something on your forums about this matter. I am
    also including the IP address of the poster in question, so you can be on the lookout.
    As a forum, we are compiling evidence pertaining to this matter, so should it
    happen that some of you find you have something else to contribute, please feel
    free to email me. I would be happy to answer any further questions you may have
    on this matter. Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Melissa

    Sticky note:

    It has come to our attention that there is a personality
    frequenting different Caylee Anthony communities who is fabricating various
    hard luck stories. The stories, so far, involve endangered children, in the
    hopes of garnering sympathy and donations for herself. Please, if any such
    person should make their way here: Give
    them love support, guidance, and understanding. Do not give them your money or
    any other gifts. Do not allow one more soul to profit from Caylee's sad story.
    Do not allow the exploitation of children in any form. Thank you.

    IP Address: [ ]

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    thanks for the post. I am closing this thread, sticking it and making sure Tricia is aware.
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