Bobby Dassey Interview 11-17-2017

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    Link to recording of interview with Bobby Dassey by Calumet County Sheriff's Department 11-17-2017

    Have you listened to it? What was your take?

    I listened to it twice. It seems like a weak way to get answers with children and distractions and comfort of home, but I feel it is still possible to get a feeling for BoD's position.

    After being questioned whether he had any part in the death of TH, his answer was: "I didn't have nothing to do with it."
    I know it might just be demographic, but that is actually a double negative. He could have said "I had nothing to do with it" or just said "No"

    He also starts a lot of his replies with "Honestly", possibly an indicator he is trying to be extra convincing.

    Then he uses "I don't remember" about things I feel are not hard to remember, specifically about the computer, having internet, etc.

    Then questioned about the alleged joke SA made about getting rid of a body, he throws a jab at Steven again, 'that's how he is, only cares about himself'.
    BoD seems to me to likely be a particularly selfish person, and is more than likely projecting his traits on SA, in the same fashion BoD and ST were doing from beginning. In one early interview BoD stated "he'd stab you in the back" referring to SA. But I didn't see anything approaching that, more like SA was trying not to point a finger at BoD.

    Lastly, BoD goes on a rant about Zellner, questioning her approach, and this whole portion of BoD's sounds like he is trying to convince investigators how good he is.
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