Bookies offer odds on aliens and other mishaps at royal wedding

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    Want to bet on the next problem to befall Prince Charles' wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles? A British bookmaker was offering odds Tuesday on a host of misfortunes, ranging from the heir to the throne being left at the altar to aliens landing on the wedding day.

    The wedding has already been postponed to Saturday to allow the prince to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome on Friday -- the latest in a series of glitches in the prince's wedding plans. "The royal wedding seems to be descending into a parody of itself, so we thought we'd allow punters to speculate on what may go wrong next," said Graham Sharpe of William Hill bookmakers.

    The odds are 33-1 that Parker Bowles will leave Charles standing alone at the Windsor Guildhall, scene of the civil ceremony. Odds for the prince doing the same are 40-1.

    And it's 25-1 that Charles' son Prince William will lose the rings -- a fear the young prince confessed to during a skiing trip to Klosters in Switzerland last week.

    The prospect of a last-minute ultimatum from the queen, threatening to disinherit her son if the marriage goes ahead, is set at 100-1.

    Self-styled "comedy terrorist" Aaron Barshak, who gatecrashed William's 21st birthday party at Windsor wearing a tangled wig and a ball gown, is given a 50-1 chance of causing another major security breach on the big day.
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