Born Without Legs, Football Player Still Scores

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    Being born without legs couldn't stop a Dayton high school football player from fulfilling his dream of joining his school's team.

    His story of courage has become a national inspiration and this weekend it was on full display during a game at Cincinnati's Stargel Stadium.

    "I was born without legs, wasn't no birth defect," said Bobby Martin, a Colonel White High School tackle. "I just came out like this, God wanted me like this so here I am."

    "Bobby wants to be a football player, he is a football player," said George Kontsis, coach for Hughes Center. "He has not let anything stand in his way."

    On his own sideline he's just one of the guys -- which is exactly what he wants.

    "He's just a regular kid," said Earl White, Colonel White High School coach.

    Running on his hands, he's nearly as quick as anyone else on the team.

    Although he's a senior this year, Martin hopes his playing days aren't over.

    He's hopeful he can play in college.

    Several pictures of this incrediable kid at the link. I saw a video of him making a tackle, he is formidable.
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    What a great story... I hope he makes it to the big leagues... :clap:

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