Boston bombing wedding couple have their first baby

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    A couple of dedicated runners who refused to let the Boston bombings derail their wedding, are celebrating the birth of their first baby.

    Robert and Kelli Watling had taken part in the marathon that day, but escaped the explosions because they had arranged their wedding for immediately afterwards and had rushed off to that. The ceremony had only just started when the bombs went off, but they were determined to go ahead and get married anyhow, and they did:

    ' "The news that was coming in about the victims was still in the back of our heads, and on the other side, we were committing to a relationship for the rest of our lives," said Robert.'

    They have named their new little girl Robert Alexandra Copley Watling, after Copley Square, the site of the Boston Marathon finish line. The poppet's already taken part in the Boston Marathon; Mom also ran this year, while pregnant!

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