Boy, 13, Flies to California Without Telling Parents

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    BOCA RATON, Fla. — The parents of a 13-year-old South Florida boy are stunned he went unnoticed when he got on a plane to California.

    Kenton Weaver took his father's car Tuesday morning, drove about 30 miles to the airport in Fort Lauderdale, parked the car caught a flight to San Jose near where his mother lives.

    The boy was found at a ticket counter at the California airport and taken to an uncle's house. No word yet on whether the boy will return to Florida.

    His parents says the teen has a form of autism and was fascinated with planes.

    He used one of his father's credit cards to buy the ticket, but had no ID on him. Airport and transportation officials say anyone under 18 years of age only needs a boarding pass to get on a plane,2933,518452,00.html
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    This kid was smart, wasn't he? I know my kids at thirteen couldn't have pulled this off (and I'm glad they couldn't).

    He must have really wanted to be with his mother.

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