Boy, 13, steals police car, then calls 911 to turn himself him

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    A 13-year-old boy who slipped out of a juvenile facility near downtown Mesa on Monday night jumped into a police car and went on a joyride through two cities before calling 911 and turning himself in, police said.

    The boy, who was arrested on suspicion of auto theft, burglary and curfew violations, jumped over fence at the police parking lot and took the 2004 Ford Crown Victoria marked police car.

    An officer had left the squad car in the lot with the keys inside while he wrote a report inside the building. The officer returned 45 minutes later and discovered the car gone.

    As officers searched for the car, the teenager called 911 and said he was driving the car. The boy, who sounded calm during the call, told the dispatcher he was near Lindsay Road and Main Street. She directed him to a fast-food restaurant, where he parked the car and was taken into custody by police.
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