Breast implants popular with Shanghai men

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    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Breast implants are becoming more and more popular with a surprising group of Shanghai citizens -- men.

    The Shanghai Daily said on Wednesday that most of the male patients seeking implants in China's financial hub wanted to impress women, or clients, or in some cases their boss.

    The implants are similar to those used by women, but they are shaped differently and are stiffer.

    Doctors warn that the surgery has certain risks and people with allergies or heart problems should find another way to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the newspaper said.

    "To be frank, surgery is unnecessary," Liu Chunlong, from the Shanghai Ren'ai Hospital, was quoted as saying.

    "Physical exercise can create the same effect and it is safer."

    He said the hospital had received 40 patients this year and operated on 10, compared with just two or three such operations last year.

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