Brian Head - Suicide too close to home - March 26, 1994

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    This one rocked our town as it happened at my high school three years after I graduated.... Here is a blog from a girl who knew him and she links over to some articles about his death due to bullying....

    This isn't a poem, but it's something that I was inspired to write because of the 10 yr anniversary of the carnage at Columbine. I thought was worth sharing. The quotes at the end are from articles that were written around the time by People Magazine, Esquire, etc. I added the links so that you could read the entire articles if you'd like. Please read...

    Today always reminds me of Brian Head, a kid who rode my bus when I was in middleschool, who committed suicide in his classroom at Etowah High in 1994. I saw first hand how kids taunted him, threw things at him, called him "Twinkie" because of his weight, every single morning and every single afteroon on the bus. I remember so many kids, (including me, I'm ashamed to say,) trying to put bookbags down or get someone to share a seat with, just so that Brian wouldn't sit next to you. And that was only 40 minutes out of his day! I have no idea what else he went through while he was in school each day. I don't know what was going through the minds of Klebold and Harris, or what truly sent them over the edge, but I do know that Brian's life was made miserable because, bluntly, he was a fat kid with thick glasses and acne. Of course no one really thinks "that kid's being bullied constantly, he's gonna kill himself." After Columbine it became almost a joke for people to SAY it, but no one wants the responsibility of actually believing it. We shouldn't try to be kind to people because we're afraid of what they'll do. Today should be a reminder to truly see others and treat them with compassion. For a short period of time Brian's death was a wake-up call that stunned people all over the country. Now his life seems like a forgotten tragedy! You never know the impact a smile, a friendly word or act of kindness can bring. Isn't it worth trying?
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