Britain's oldest man, 109: "I smoked till I was 70 and still enjoy a drink!"

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    'I smoked until I was 70 and still enjoy a drink!' Health tips from 109-year-old who has just become Britain's oldest man (Daily Mail)
    Hear, hear! More, with pictures, at the links

    Mr Tarrant replaces as oldest man in Britain the Rev Reg Dean:

    Britain's oldest man who lived through two world wars dies aged 110 (Daily Mail)
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    I love hearing these stories which seem to defy all reason. My dad is 92, drinks a bottle of scotch/rum a day, plus beer. He still has an active social life and can walk briskly up a flight of stairs.

    WOW 109 years, I wonder if all the telegraphs from HMQ are different?

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