British woman fined for again registering her cows as voters

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    Does barngoddess know about this? :)


    LONDON (AP) - Brenda Gould is in trouble again for registering her cows as voters.

    For the second year running, the woman from Newmarket, near Cambridge in eastern England, has listed two names on the registration form who turned out to be cows, East Cambridgeshire District Council said Thursday.

    The previous year, in addition to registering two cows as Henry and Sophie Bull, she listed Jake Woofles - later found to be a dog - as eligible to vote in local government elections, the council said.

    This year she indicated that her address had been split into two properties, that she resided in one part and that two other persons lived in the second, a council spokesman said. The persons she claimed lived in the second property were, in fact, her cows, the spokesman said.
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