NY Bronx NY, Hisp Male 20-40 UP14087 found with gunshot wounds Jan 89

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    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

    Warning PM

    Case Numbers
    NCMEC Number--
    ME/C Case NumberB89-00344
    Race / EthnicityWhite / Caucasian, Hispanic / Latino
    Possible First Name--
    Possible Middle Name--
    Possible Last Name--
    Possible Nickname--
    Estimated Age GroupAdult - Pre 40
    Estimated Age Range (Years)20-40
    Estimated Year of Death1989
    Estimated PMIHours
    Height5' 5"(65 inches) , Measured
    Weight120 lbs, Measured
    TypeUnidentified Deceased
    Date FoundJanuary 17, 1989
    NamUs Case CreatedJuly 28, 2015
    ME/C QA Reviewed--
    Location Found Map
    Street Address1150 Anderson AvenueBronx, New York
    CountyBronx County
    GPS Coordinates--
    Circumstances of RecoveryUnidentified individual who suffered a gunshot wound was brought to the Lincoln Hospital ER on 1/17/1989. No other information known at this time.
    Details of Recovery

    Inventory of RemainsAll parts recovered
    Condition of RemainsRecognizable face
    Physical Description
    Hair ColorBlack
    Head Hair DescriptionHair is 1.5 inches long, black and curly
    Body Hair Description--
    Facial Hair DescriptionMustache and beard
    Left Eye ColorBrown
    Right Eye ColorBrown
    Eye Description--
    Distinctive Physical Features
    Old, short scars of the left arm and forearm, near the elbow. A small, old scar on the back of the right hand

    A blue tattoo of the letters MOM on the right shoulder. A blue tattoo of "NC" on the left arm. The backs of the second, third, and fourth fingers of the left hand have blue tattoos spelling out "JOY"

    Clothing and Accessories

    Street view

    Google Maps

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