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    Do we know for a FACT that Brooke had previously traveled from VT to Texas to visit her ex-stepfather? I get the feeling this is just a rumor. :confused:

    We know the lies MJ posted on her MySpace to make it seem like she might head to Texas & her love for someone called "cj"

    We know that Gagnon often visited Vt after he split w/ Brooke's mother.

    According to the news, Gagnon had NO PREVIOUS arrest record before he was arrested after Brooke's disappearance.

    I'm just trying to get a clear picture about what Cassandra actually knew & what she did or didn't do to protect her kids. Up until the day Brooke was kidnapped... it seems she & her sister were well adjusted & normal girls. Up until that day.... MJ was NOT a problem... maybe Denise always WAS there to watch over the girls in the past when Brooke was there.

    Knowing that Denise ignored ALL the signs she saw in front of her own face concerning MJ... and the fact she didn't protect her own daughters.... I doubt she ever told her sister or anyone else what she knew of MJ's behavior.

    And we still don't know where Denise was the night of the sleepover & that next morning. But it does seem like they carefully planned this thing so Denise would NOT be in the way.
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