Bullied because of race

Discussion in 'Bullies and Stalkers' started by txsvicki, Jan 21, 2011.

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    My 11 year old grand daughter was bullied today in last period PE, and came out of school in tears. She said she was shocked, scared, and heartbroken after being told that she's white, she doesn't belong there, and to get out. There was also lots of cussing her out, the gang of 4 other girls with hands on hips nodded their heads in agreement, and a feeling of danger due to never having witnessed such a display before. About 4 other girls were over to the side also nodding in agreement. Only 3 seemed upset, but being kids, did nothing in defense. The school has an honors program which my GD entered in after moving back to town a couple of weeks ago, but that doesn't seem to help much. Well, they want their school they got it. Monday morning we will be getting a transfer for which I will bring up the Texas law on bullying. If that doesn't work we'll go charter school, private, or home school. I refuse to try and work it out or have to tolerate that even one day, because this sort of thing will not change and my kids are not going to become the type who shrinks away into severe stress or become the tough type who feels they have to slug it out and then have half the school after her. I could only imagine what would happen to her in a couple of years when one of their little boyfriends even looked at a different girl.
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    Wow, put her someplace she's safe. I have heard things like this happening more often than we would like to know.
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    txsvicki, Please know I am sorry your little grandaughter had to go through that. No doubt it had to hurt. No doubt you'd be immensely mad as well.

    We had a case like this happen in Philadelphia not too long ago. I think the mom sued the school board if I am not mistaken. I'll see if I can find the articles.

    That just so stinks that because of mean and nasty girls your own grandaughter has to be changed to a different school. I hope she feels better a bit today.
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    Keep her safe for sure. Make sure you notify/meet with the superintendent to let him/her know that you have zero tolerance and will absolutely not put your grandchild in danger, but you expect some kind of detailed response as to the course of action.

    Good luck and hugs...
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    Racism is rampant and a severe problem here in Hawaii. It is covered up by the media.

    In fact there is a school here (private K-12) whereby if you are not of Hawaiian ancestry then you can't attend that school. They've been sued a few times.

    Don't get me wrong I understand culteral pride. I've got some myself, but not at the expense of others and not at the expense of children's self worth. JMHO.

    Vicki, I am so sorry this happened to your GD. Racism is racism. It doesn't matter what the racial makeup or background is of the racist---some of the most racist people I've met were not white. That's always a shocker for some people.

    I worked for an AA male. One of my co-workers was on the receiving end of some pretty ugly racist behavior from customers that came into the store. She went to him and told him (she being white and married to an AA male, which her bullys were AA females that said she had "taken one of their men"..etc. ridiculous stuff)

    The AA manager actually smirked.

    He smirked.

    He actually smirked when she told him that she was afraid for her physical saftey from these women. (to leave work and such, they said they would catch her out...etc).

    He said: Well you better get used to it because us---we been dealing with racism for since the day we were born. Get over it.

    I took her to HR to file a report about being harrassed at work and about his response which I witnessed. He was forced to retire.

    Bless your GD's heart. There is no way to make it better. No sugar coating it. And ---just because the child or adult on the receiving end of racism or bullying because of race is white? Don't mean squat.

    Doesn't excuse the tormentor in my book and they are going to h3ll in a handbasket just the same.

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