Bus Nearly Hits Baby In Middle Of Road

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by White Rain, May 19, 2010.

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    This is apparently a year old story, BUT it seems it is to be decided soon whether mom gets kids back or not...
    I will say this, I find it hard to believe a one yr old could get out alone...almost impossible...but with other kids in the house who may or may NOT shut the door it isn't so unbelievable to me...UNLESS and this is what I never found in the articles, the baby was put to sleep in a crib.
    If baby was out of a crib and near floor, maybe.
    If IN the crib, no....
    I know my oldest daughter was almost 2 (now 13!) was taking a nap (or so I thought when I decided to nap as well) when she decided to take her baby powder and spread it from one end of the house to the other....and I never heard a peep...and I am one of the most lightest-sleepers you will ever meet, thats why I thought it would be ok to take a nap!
    Kids are quiet and sneaky, thats all I am saying...you cannot turn your back for one second...
    But there has to be some reason for a door to be opened so that a child can go out. MOO

    eta: forgot to add link, hear ya go:
    San Antonio—A family is thankful an observant San Antonio bus driver spotted their infant sitting in the middle of a busy street, but is now fighting to keep custody of their three children.
    Just after midnight one day last May, driver Mike Hubbard spotted something along the traditionally busy street of South Flores near Lorraine on the city’s south side.
    “I was definitely in shock,“ said Hubbard. “From a distance I can’t tell exactly what it is. It looks like a dog, something moving around, I can’t really tell what it was. I started slowing down and then I noticed it’s a baby in the middle of the street.“
    Hubbard stopped the bus and walked over to the child.
    “To me he looked like he was eight months old with a pamper, just sitting there. I couldn’t tell if he was eating something or not. But, his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him.“
    The child’s father, who apparently realized the infant was missing, comes running out of the house and into the street. Without saying a word, he scoops up the baby and returns to his home.
    Wanting to know more about how the child ended up in the middle of the road, WOAI-TV’s Brian Collister went to visit the family.

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    Wow, our news reported this tonight like it just happened. Wish they'd check their facts more.
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    Oh my, that's terrifying. My daughter was an early walker (9mos) and was running by the time she was a year. I can see it's possible. You have to be extra vigilant with a little one so mobile.

    It was after midnight when this happened? Oh, dear, I'm really at a loss for words now.
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    I looked at this video online and the child really just looks like one of the stripes on the road. It's a wonder the bus driver was able to stop in time.
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    I didn't realize this story was so old, either.

    I hope that poor little baby has no memory of almost getting run over by a bus.

    Saw the mother on one of the morning news shows, proclaiming that she was not a "bad mom."

    I guess everyone's standards are different.

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