CA - Australian man arrested for kidnapping toddler in San Francisco, Apr 2019

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    An Australian man Roscoe Holyoake was arrested in San Francisco on 12th April 2019 for allegedly trying to kidnap a toddler in broad daylight on a street in Castro. The boy was walking behind his mom when the man grabbed him and ran off carrying the child. Bystanders intervened and held him until police arrived.

    Holyoake has been charged with felony kidnapping and child endangerment and is being held on $500,000 bail. He is facing up to eight years in prison.

    Holyoke had been arrested in February 2019 in an unrelated incident in Sydney, Australia for attempting to kidnap a baby from an apartment.
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    Pleading not guilty

    Australian DJ Roscoe Holyoake pleads not guilty to kidnapping

    Holyoake's lawyer, Stephen Olmo, told the Bay City News Service he had been in touch with Holyoake's family and friends in Australia who all said the allegations did not match his character.

    "There was no evil intent," Olmo said.

    The lawyer added Holyoake's alleged actions may have been the "result of having some kind of break ... a mental disengagement from reality".

    He smiled and ran away :/
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