CA - Boat Crew Finds Wallet Inside Shark, 2008

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    When the crew hoisted up the shark, something strange fell out of it.

    "I've seen a lot of sharks and a lot of things, but never a wallet come out of a shark," Pennisi said. "I was wondering what else was in there. He has a pretty big belly."

    Along with several seagulls and a few furry sea creatures, the crew found a wallet that had a date from 1972 inscribed on it.

    The mystery of whose wallet was found may go unanswered, and there was no identification inside the wallet -- just a few words in both English and Japanese.

    I've seen a lot of missing people from boats/ships on the networks. Maybe one of those is the owner of the wallet?

    A quick search revealed this:

    He's native and not Japanese but who knows... What other cases could it be?
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