CA - Brittani Idom, 18, shot to death, Los Angeles, 6 July 2007

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    searched and didnt find anything on her.

    The distraught family of a college student gunned down while in her car in Los Angeles Friday morning is appealing to the public for information in bringing the woman’s killer, or killers, to justice.
    Brittani Idom, 18, was driving home from a club when a single bullet went through the back of her car, striking her in the head, reported.,2933,288545,00.html
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    Here's another link. Poor Brittani. :( It sounds like she was caught in the cross fire of some gang activity.


    ...Idom was driving west on Washington Boulevard when she was shot in the head, the officer said. Witnesses said the suspect's vehicle continued west on Washington Boulevard.

    There were multiple bullet holes in the back of the victim's older model Honda, according to an RMG camera crew at the scene.

    Idom had been at a club before the shooting, according to broacast reports. She was a member of Glendale Community College's competitive cheerleading team.

    The shooting occurred as rival gangs were involved in a confrontation. About 60 people were at the scene, according to police.

    One witness, David Victor, told reporters, that just before the shooting, gang members warned bystanders to get down, bullets were going to fly...
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    Another innocent person with a bright future killed by someone with none (if she was caught in the middle of a gang shoot out).

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