Match! CA: Bushnell, Roger; Age: 72; 96-6581MP; DOB: Unknown; Died 1996

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    First Name:


    Last Name:




    Birth Date:

    Mar 11, 1924

    Death Date:

    Nov 23, 1996



    Birth Location:


    Death Location:

    San Bernardino, CA

    Record Type:

    Death Record

    Mother's Maiden Name:



    California Death Index
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    Bear with me:

    Roger Bushnell b. 11 Mar 1924.

    Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois, in 1940
    parents are Andew, b. c. 1892 and Amelia b. c. 1885
    Dad is a carpenter.
    Older brother Roy J. is b. c. 1920.

    1930 Census shows an uncle, Hjalmer G. Anderson, b. c. 1891 in Illinois, living with them. Hjalmer is single in 1930. (He appears to have died 8 June 1970.)

    Living next door is Wallace C and Elvina E Bushnell. Wallace is a year younger than Andrew, and is probably his brother/Roger's uncle. Wallace and Elvina have no children listed. As it turns out, Elvina/Alvina is Amelia's sister. The Bushnell brothers married the Anderson sisters. According to Wallace's obit, they had no children.

    According to county birth records, Roger Bushnell's middle name is Wallace. (Note that there is different Roger W. Bushnell from Pennsylvania.)

    Mother Amelia died 12-17-1957. Her survivors, in addition to her husband and sons, are her brother Hjalmer Anderson and sister Alvina Bushnell, above, and a sister Anna Urbom. She was preceded in death by a brother, Nels Anderson. Hjalmer and Anna both die leaving no children, but both of their obits list nephews George and Harry Christiansen of Rockford and Hjalmer's additionally lists Roger Anderson as a nephew. These should be cousins of our Roger Bushnell.

    Brother Roy died October 16, 1959, following a lingering illness and left only his father and brother as survivors. He is buried in the Scandinavian cemetery.

    Roger did custom combining in the 1950s and lived at 315 Iriquois in Rockford. He and his father Andrew moved to California in 1960 and sold off their belongings in Illinois.

    Father Andrew died 15 July 1963 in Arcata, California, where Roger also lived at the time. Andrew is survived by brothers Gordon Bushnell of Wright, MN and Ted Bushnell of Los Angeles, CA, as well as sisters Edythe Jeys (Mrs. Charles. F) of Arcata, CA and Grace Karr (Mrs. Otis H. Karr) of Twin Peaks, CA.

    The family was Christian Scientist in their religious faith.

    Roger's uncle Nels Anderson DID have children: Donald, Dale and Beatrice Anderson. Donald (b. c. 1923) and Dale (b. c 1923) live in Rockford and Beatrice (b. 1921) in Chicago at the time of their father's death. They are cousins to our Roger Bushnell.

    Charles and Edythe Jeys had a daughter, Lillian G (Reiswig), who died in 2011 in Grants Pass, OR, and Betty Loraine, b. c. 1934. Betty married ? Kennedy, then Robert D. Griffin but divorced him in 1970.

    Finally, Lillian, Roger's cousin, left these survivors:
    She is survived by her husband Alvin, who is a retired medical laboratory technician; her sister Betty Hulsey of Redding, California; her daughter and husband Portia and Peter Neff of Grants Pass Oregon; 2 grandchildren Shane Theriault of Maui and Cori Dennhardt and her husband Randy of Chico, California; and 2 great grandchildren, Kylie and Connor Dennhardt, also of Chico, California.

    Some of these should be finaable by the authorities.
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    Have the Unclaimed's family been found?
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    The status of this thread says "Match!," but the unclaimed link doesn't show the case as closed or inactive?

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