CA CA - Catherine Sutton, 71, Murrieta, 14 July 2013 *K. McLean guilty*

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    CA. Man to stand trial for strangling his grandmother in Murrieta, Riverside County, summer 2013. No body case

    Kyle McLean, 22, will stand trial for the murder of his 71 year old grandmother, Catharine Sutton, in July last year even though her body has never been located.

    A friend has testified that Kyle showed him Catharine's body in the trunk of his car, still with the belt around her neck which he had used to strangle her. Kyle - a meth user - later asked the friend to help him buy bleach, cleaning supplies and a machete. The friend refused to help dispose of Catherine's body, but she's believed to have been dumped over a cliff.

    Kyle's mom admits he uses meth but says her missing mom was crazy and paranoid. Her sister agrees mom was paranoid but says she may have had cause - Kyle lived with his gran and her credit cards, jewelry, blood and meth were found in his room after she went missing.

    He did not file a missing person's report and had just been arrested for graffite vandalism , for which he blamed his grandma, when she disappeared. Police say it was actually a neighbor who made that complaint. He faces 25 to life.
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