GUILTY CA - Christopher Brammer for raping, impregnating 2 girls, Merced, 2011

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    Brave, brave young ladies. This is a major step towards healing.

    Merced [CA] man gets 36-year sentence in molestation case
    Impregnated his stepdaughter, stepgranddaughter as children.

    "Monster. Cruel. Remorseless. Those were just a few words family members and former friends of Christopher Allen Brammer used to describe the 56-year-old convicted Merced child molester during a Monday court hearing.
    Brammer was sentenced by a judge to 36 years four months in prison for sexually abusing and impregnating his stepdaughter and step-granddaughter...."


    "...One victim was 11 when the abuse began; the other was 15. Both victims are now adults. Brammer also arranged and paid for abortions for the victims. Throughout the emotionally charged hearing, Brammer didn't make eye contact with the victims or their family members as they read statements about the unending pain and trauma he'd caused...."

    more at link
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    I wish they locked him up for longer !

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