GUILTY CA - Cindy Nguyen, 60, abducted & murdered, San Jose, 16 Sept 2011

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    San Jose man suspected in deadly spree has long criminal history


    As Paul Castillo ran from police after one of San Jose's most violent one-man crime sprees in years, he was also running from a drug-addicted, criminal past with a lengthy rap sheet dating back to his childhood and a path of broken promises to change.

    While most kids his age were learning to read and write, Castillo was learning from his mother how to break into houses by squeezing through doggy doors.

    The disturbing picture of the 33-year-old San Jose man began to emerge Monday, a day after police hunted him down to a West Sacramento pizza parlor in connection with the shooting Friday of a man pumping gas and the slaying of a Vietnamese radio personality.

    Castillo is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Santa Clara County Superior Court on charges including homicide, kidnapping and armed robbery, and he could be a candidate for the death penalty. His court appearance will come two days before friends and family hold a vigil for Cindy Nguyen, the 60-year-old woman who police say was abducted, then killed by Castillo.
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