CA CA - Debra Pscholka, 12, Corona, 5 June 1971

I pray this is the year that Debra will be found and that we all will know what happened.
Charley Project


Debra, circa 1971; Age-progression to age 52 (circa 2010)

Debra Theresa Pscholka – The Charley Project

"Foul play is suspected in Debra's disappearance. She had no history of running away from home, and there has been no indication of her whereabouts since she let the theater. Her case remains open and unsolved."
A good summery about Debra's missing case, from January 2020, also some theories about her disappearance. > means snipped.

The Disappearance of Debra Pscholka

Debra Pscholka was born on November 7, 1958 in San Diego County, California to her parents Shannon Jean Hampton Pscholka and George Dale Pscholka. Growing up, she was surrounded with love by way of her siblings: a younger sister and three older brothers.

Debra is described as having been a fun-loving child who did activities children her age would typically do, including bouncing on the bed, playing softball and often sliding down the stairs of her home. She’s also said to have had an infectious laugh.

At the time of her disappearance, she was a seventh grader at Corona Junior High School in Corona, California, where she received good grades.
As Debra didn’t have a history of running away or using illicit drugs, investigators with the Corona Police Department were forced to work primarily on speculation. The general rumour circulating the city was that Debra had been abducted by an unknown person, but there has never been any evidence uncovered to support this or any other theories in the case.

For weeks following her disappearance, Debra’s father, uncle and cousin combed the city for clues and interviewed the friends she was last with. However, they came up empty.
The grave of a young girl who was murdered in the 1970s was exhumed by coroner’s investigators in Las Vegas, Nevada, under the belief she might be Debra. Forensic testing proved otherwise. This is not the first time Debra has been thought to be a Jane Doe, as she was at one time believed to be Annie Doe, who was later identified as 16-year-old Anne Marie “Annie” Lehman of Aberdeen, Washington.
As of 2020, Debra’s case remains open. This is due to California law and the California Department of Justice policy that requires police to keep cases alive by annually verifying and updating both state and federal databases. Investigators have used biological material donated by her siblings to create a DNA profile for her, which has since been uploaded into a nationwide police database. Her dental records are also available for comparison.

In 2017, Debra’s siblings had her legally declared dead. Here is her grave memorial
Debra Theresa Pscholka (1958-1971) - Find A Grave...
Debra’s parents never spoke much about her disappearance, but relatives say they never got over their loss. In 1990, her mother passed way, and her father died 10 years later, in 2000.

Her younger sister, Beth Sevier-Guerin, thinks about Debra often. She says her parents and older brothers became overprotective of her after the disappearance, and her mother would sometimes call her by Debra’s name.

Currently, her case is classified as endangered missing. If alive, she would be 61 years old.

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Debra Pscholka
Missing 40 years, girl still sought by Corona PD – Press Enterprise
Debra T. Pscholka
The Doe Network: Case File 889DFCA
Dean Marie Pyle Peters & Cold Cases: Debra Theresa Pscholka-Missing 43 Years (including an interesting read about possible perpetrators)
Debra Theresa Pscholka – The Charley Project

There also is a podcast but the pictures don't load and I can't see it. Missing: Debra Pscholka - Haunting History Podcast | Lyssna här

  • Date of Birth: 11/07/1958
  • Sex: Female
  • Race/Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height (At Disappearance): 5′6″ (66 inches) (167.64 cm)
  • Weight (At Disappearance): 125 lbs (56.7 kg)
  • Distinguishing Characteristics n/a
  • Age at Disappearance: 12 (62 yrs 2020)
  • Missing Since: 06/05/197 from Corona, Riverside County, California, USA
  • Dentals: Available
  • Fingerprints: Unknown
  • DNA: Available
  • Clothing/Jewelry/Accessories
    • A green and yellow striped blouse
    • Blue Levi’s jeans
Debra's NamUs case was modified today. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

She currently has 28 rule outs
UP58950 06/13/1973 San Diego CA
UP7765 07/24/1976 Linn OR
UP8419 01/16/2001 Isle of Wight VA
UP4790 04/24/1981 Miami OH
UP5556 05/30/1976 Virginia Beach VA
UP10929 08/19/1971 Josephine OR
UP6629 02/03/1991 Frederick VA
UP8579 01/25/1981 Hanover VA
UP4370 08/26/1980 Los Angeles CA
UP12683 06/06/2014 Newport News VA
UP13028 04/27/1984 Stanislaus CA
UP6642 08/07/1986 Chesterfield VA
UP6796 11/18/1985 Alleghany VA
UP7690 09/11/2005 Orange CA
UP3153 04/19/1981 Will IL
UP1577 04/03/1985 Campbell TN
UP6665 05/14/2007 Petersburg VA
UP2128 08/14/1977 Snohomish WA
UP10647 06/07/2006 San Mateo CA
UP10715 10/21/2012 San Mateo CA
UP9938 01/11/1987 San Mateo CA
UP6259 04/22/1981 Lawrence OH
UP1567 06/01/1987 Knox TN
UP6150 11/07/1998 Stafford VA
UP8821 10/11/1991 Hartford CT
UP8427 07/17/1982 Washoe NV
UP7138 12/18/1981 Riverside CA
UP2703 06/15/1993 Douglas CO

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