Found Deceased CA - Elizabeth Ernstein, 14, Redlands, 18 March 1968

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Jeff- I don't know if you still read here or post but…Your mother was a psychologist/psychiatrist? She must have had "disturbed" kids around as part of the therapies that she did? Have you ever thought that perhaps one of these kids/teenagers were involved in your sister's death? I ask this because I think that it is a definite possibility that you met this person and perhaps have forgotten him?
Bump. I wish LE would take a look. Liz is a long-forgotten cold case but she deserves justice and justice is out there.
Elizabeth's remains were found near Wrightwood , how far is this from her Mentone home? Is Wrightwood near the mountains? She began a 2 mile walk from her school through " blossoming orange groves" but never made it home. Where was the bra found?

She was in a shallow grave- does that indicate a quickly thought out plan for disposal? Does the location reveal anything about a profile of the killer ie. would know the area well?

Her remains being identified as male in 1969 unfortunately would have given her killer a lot of confidence of never being caught and therefore no reason to hide.

ETA Answered my own question distance under a hour to drive, so I would think the killer knew area well.
Was the boyfriend ever questioned by detectives or considered a suspect? If so, was he cleared? If the boyfriend was not questioned by police in 1968-1969, hopefully he has contacted the cold case unit by now and shared his information. He may not realize he holds the missing piece that could clear up this case. Hopefully James G. will visit the forum again (last post was Sept 2012).
Yes, about 45 miles from home to grave on mostly freeways so about a 40 minute drive.

Odd that the woman she was seen talking to didn't get the word and come forward. I wonder how reliable the witness was who claimed they saw her in the conversation.
Have police released any information about how she died? She didn't bury herself so who did it?
No. They have released no new information that I can find. It's a shame as there are some obvious leads to follow on Liz's case.

Interesting…Sites have been removed. Hopefully, it's LE …maybe they have found something?
It doesn't appear pink panther has been on in some time, hope they are okay...I searched and saw no updates...I am going to tread lightly here, but previous posts here give me a very uneasy feeling.
Deborah Halber wrote a book called "The Skeleton Crew". She identifies JG in her book. (No secret.) He has posted here. He has posted other places as well. About religion and about his uncertainties regarding his sexuality. Some his "postings" have been taken down. His father was religious and well-known within his circles.

It's such a sad story. So young. And the fact that Elizabeth was found in the same county and yet no one realized it was her! Had she been identified at the time she was found, clues may have been found to help identify her killer. I hope we hear an update on this case. My deepest condolences to Elizabeth's family.
Sad case. I remember camping in wrightwood when i was a boy scout back in the 80s.... it is in the MOUNTAINS. Hope the surviving family got some peace and closure.
Hi Pink Panther,
My mother was the psychiatric social worker for all of San Bernardino county with a few social workers under her I believe with their office in San Bernardino. Her job did involve a few field evaluations from time to time but no therapies. She passed in 2002 and my father in 1997. I believe detectives did look at that angle but didn't come up with anything then. I do vaguely remember meeting JG and I believe anybody who knew her was questioned as this was one of the ONLY cases like this back then.

Originally Posted by jessica-
Also, only a short time (maybe a week) before she disappeared, Elizabeth called my family and told them that she needed to meet me and tell me something very important. She wanted to meet me in front of Redlands Community Hospital, but I went there and waited for Elizabeth for over an hour, and she never showed up.

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Elizabeth was last seen about the time I left on a hitch-hiking trip to New York. I left sometime around the the first week of March 1968, and I notice that she disappeared March 18. As I said, I didn't know until the early summer of 1969 that she had disappeared

Am I reading too much into this or??
As I am reading it he was suppose to meet up with her a week before she went missing? but was out hitch hiking ? Maybe I'm tired lol

Old post but I don't understand this either. This fellow was to meet her at the hospital about something 'IMPORTANT' a week before she went missing...she doesn't show...he doesn't call her to find out why she didn't show and takes off hitch hiking right away?? He was her boyfriend at the just hits the road without letting her know? He doesn't know she was missing until over a year would think his family would have informed him. A great memory as well...not sure that I could remember a conversation during a car ride last week never mind one forty some odd years ago. Very odd.

Apologies if this has offended anyone...I just cannot make sense of this. I am not tired!

ETA: Forgot to add. Did not know of Elizabeth being missing with all those flyers and newspapers right across the country.

Hi Thyme,
My recollection is that he had "seen" her a few times, with my parent's permission, and had gone on the mountain picnic with us which I don't remember. Why she would call his family and ask to meet him at the Hospital is really strange as it was quite a ways from our house and there was no bus, she had no bicycle--it was about 6 miles away! And she was interested in a few other boys too. Also she was very shy and my mother and father were very strict. 1968! But your observations do point out some inconsistencies. He says boyfriend but doesn't call then when she doesn't show and doesn't try when on the road? On the other hand we, like almost all of the US then, had only 1 phone, so you might have to talk to mom or dad.

Oops, messed up the reply quote

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