CA CA - Fernando Subia, 46, Fowler, 9 December 2014

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    Fernando Subia, 46, has not been seen for six months. Detectives say Randy Lay, 55, was likely with him in the days before he vanished.

    Fernando was last seen Dec. 9, at the intersection of Clovis and Adams near Fowler. Detectives are searching now for Lay. They say he either talked to or was with Fernando right before he disappeared. Detectives have not found any traces of her husband. The family even hired a private investigator to help. Their case has also come up mostly empty.

    The investigation was handed over to the homicide unit when, in March, there was information that Fernando was possibly killed. Detectives never found a body. The case remains open as a missing persons investigation. A cancer survivor, his wife says the unknown is far worse than her previous battle.

    There is a $9,000 reward being offered for help solving this case.

    Detectives say Lay is known to frequent Selma, Fowler and Modesto. He also goes by the nickname "Red."
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    that suspect dude looks half dead. drugs?

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