Identified! CA - Gardena - Human Remains, Jan 2006 - May be Transient Man

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by PonderingThings, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Human bones found scattered in a vacant lot in Gardena are likely the skeletal remains of a transient who lived on the property, authorities said Friday.

    Detectives already have developed leads to the man's probable identity. Coroner's officials will make a positive identification later, but authorities suspect the man was a transient who has not been seen by his family for several months, police said.
    The surveyors, beginning work Thursday to prepare for the redevelopment of the field, ran off squatters living in dilapidated buildings on the property and found the remains. Police said drug addicts and transients have lived there since the business was abandoned years ago.

    Sheriff's detectives working the scene with forensic investigators Friday refused to provide information about the case. But sources said transients told authorities the man apparently died while living in the buildings, and his body was discarded in the field.
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    I do not see a NamUs or Doe Network profile... case closed? or just not listed?

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