CA CA - George Bradford, 63, Contra Costa County, Sept 2008 - Dementia

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    This was sent to my e-mail at 10:31 a.m. today :

    California Emergency Digital Information Service by Email

    A public service brought to you by
    Hormann America, Inc.

    Dear Subscriber,
    Law enforcement officers are currently searching for a missing person believed to be in your area. The individual is George Bradford. a black male, 63 years of age. Mr. Bradford is described as five feet seven inches tall and weighing approximately 168 pounds, with gray hair and brown eyes. He is believed to be wearing a gray knit cap, a black leather jacket and blue jeans, and may be carrying a black bag. He may be wearing a medic-alert bracelet on his right wrist. This individual was last seen walking east on Clairmont Avenue. This person is believed to be at risk due to dementia.

    If you believe you have seen this person or have any information regarding this person, please call the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office immediately at 925-646-2441.

    Area: Contra Costa County, California
    Affected Counties or parts of: Contra Costa
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