CA - Hong Thai 'Howie' Luong for sex abuse of girls, ages 8-10, Garden Grove, 2008

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    We must have missed this guy. Note the comments:

    "He did not seem like the type to do this". Do they ever?

    Hong Thai Luong, Former Tutor and Choir Teacher, Convicted of Molesting Girls, Ages 8-10
    March 1, 2012

    "A jury today convicted Hong Thai Luong, the former choir teacher at St. Callistus School in Garden Grove, of molesting four girls, ages 8 through 10. Only one girl attended the Catholic school, while the other three were enrolled at the now-closed Paramount Learning Center, which was also in Garden Grove, where the 56-year-old worked as a tutor. Luong French-kissed one of the pre-teen girls, and he put his hands down the pants of the Paramount enrollees...."

    More at link (plus mugshot)

    And an earlier article about "Howie" Luong:

    Clergy Abuse Victims Visit St. Callistus School Today after Lewd-conduct Charge against Teacher
    November 12, 2008

    "....The three girls were not enrolled at St. Callistus, St. Columban's or St. Polycarp in Stanton where Luong also taught music, but took lessons at a studio run by Luong's girlfriend. But after his arrest, one more girl from St. Callistus came forward and accused Luong of touching her inappropriately, officials said...."


    "...I've known him to be a great person, a mild-mannered man who was passionate about music,” GA said. “My reaction, and I'm sure a lot of other parents' reaction, was disbelief, that Howie could do something like that. Everyone liked him....”

    More at link
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