Found Deceased CA - Jacob VanZant, 24, At Risk, from Stockton, 2004 white Honda Pilot, last seen 7:30pm leaving Shangri La Restaurant, Lodi, 17 Feb 2023

@ohemgee.kay925 - you did so great keeping Jacob's thread at the top of the new postings many days. We can't solve everything, but your gentle prodding reminds me why we do this.

This is not what anyone expected, who would? I agree that this is so so sad, but sorta relief they did not have to wait years and years for his car to be found. Does not allow for any comforting fantasy that he's coming home now though...

You are so very kind, thank you. I did feel badly that I wasn't keeping up very well lately, but that is quite beside the point...

As you mentioned, so many families search for their loved one(s) for years and years with no "closure" of any kind. It's saddening that Jacob was not found in the condition that we would have liked for him to be found, but it is a blessing (of some sort) in disguise that he was found this quickly. I hope that there can be some sense of peace presented to his family and friends.

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This case really bothers me. In 2021 a women crashed in the same place, where eight mile road dead ends into the water. There was a witness, her body and car were recovered. I wonder why no gates, signs, flashing lights, etc were put in place that could have prevented Jacob’s accident.
Just happened to come upon this video while scrolling for content on my tv. They mentioned Jacob VanZant.

There’s an unbelievable number of cars down in the water. A deputy said they routinely get 3-4 cars a month, but this year it’s been worse, maybe double! :oops:

I don’t know why they can’t put up more of a barrier, somehow! :(


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